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What is EchoSpan 360 Degree Feedback?

EchoSpan is a web-based solution for providing 360-degree feedback tools to organizations to manage stakeholders and their reviews. This platform recognizes the need to involve every employee, clients and other interest parties in the process through their feedback so that continuous improvement can be achieved in the workflows.

For employees, it provides detailed insights into their performance, strengths, and weaknesses through reports and encourages them to achieve goals through individual development plans. EchoSpan has benefited more than 3900 companies around the globe in manufacturing, health care, construction, and consultations – it can work with diverse set of organizations with its scalable and customizable versions suited to the needs of such users.

Overview of EchoSpan 360 Degree Feedback benefits

EchoSpan offers powerful features which allow for intuitive ways to achieve employee development goals with an organization. By creating a solid system of soliciting feedback from people that your employees work with, gives the room to strengthen the team building and collaborations at the workplace. Employees are provided with the chance to improve their work and gear up their pace to achieve individual development goals through 360-degree feedbacks from individuals which may include peers, customers, supervisors, subordinates, and managers

EchoSpan is a smart platform that caters to the individual’s needs of the businesses who look out for customizable and scalable solutions to fit their size, type and requirements. Aspects such as workflows, report formats, rating scales, self-service portal and weighted performance measures etc. can be customized and configured to the needs of the businesses. This also gives businesses the control that they need to align workflows, processes, and plans with the strategic objectives. The content of the feedbacks can be customized as well as retrieved from EchoSpan’s professional library with review or feedback templates. This can be an effective way to save time and money while developing reviews that can be used for multiple times or purposes within the processes.


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