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What is EdPrime?

Education as a service comprises great responsibilities & complexities of tasks. An Education ecosystem is collectively a gamut of institution promoters, principals, teachers, the administration staff, students, and parents.

For the education establishments across the world seeking to increase efficiency, value offering & size, EdPrime, an “All-in-one Education Management SuperSoftware” offers research-driven intelligent technology & multi-layered management expertise to empower the entire education ecosystem and drive improved outcomes (results) for all stakeholders.

EDPRIME is specifically designed to cater to all functions of an education ecosystem.

From HR, Administration, Online Admission Management, Accounting, Payroll Management, Fee Collection, Online Learning, Parent-School Communication to Attendance, Student Performance Assessment, Transport & Alumni Management, the robust EdPrime Software transforms the complex education institute management to simple & efficient day to day operations.


Overview of EdPrime benefits

EdPrime is an all-in-one Education Management SuperSoftware offering advanced ERP & LMS capabilities on a single platform. EdPrime functions across all areas of an institute’s operations – from the classroom to the front & back office and the board room. At its core, the software provides the ability to create and use hundreds of customizable process workflows, assign & manage tasks, make & log communications (internally & externally), drilling down to granular detail or viewing overall performance. The outcomes include cost savings, reduced data entry and manual work, increased productivity, access to real time information and better decision-making. But most importantly increased efficiencies of both staff & students.

  • For School/College Owners
    360 Admin Monitoring
    Multiple Report generation for Fee Collection.
    Individual Student Performance Management
    Seamless Employee communication
    Multiple Device access


  • For The Principals
    Student Fee Collection & Attendance Dashboard.
    Individual Student Performance Management
    Review Institute’s performance
    Automated Academic Calendar
    Time Scheduler


  • For the Administration Staff
    Online Fee Collection
    Collection of periodic reports
    Management of school expenses
    Track record of student TC’s
    Generation of students’ ID cards


  • For The Teachers
    Student Attendance Management
    Automated Marksheet & Greensheet Generation
    Syllabus Mapping
    Import of marks in bulk
    Classwork, Homework Management


  • For The Parents
    Online Fee Submission
    Daily attendance update of the child
    eLearning Platform
    Classwork/Homework Management
    Automated Leave Approval
    For The Students
    Anytime & Anywhere Learning
    Learning more fun with digitization
    Better Learning Solution
    Self-Performance Analysis

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