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What is Edredo?

Edredo is a free educational app for social learning and career evolution. Edredo provides you with easy-to-use social learning communities that help you connect with educators, peers, and opportunities aligned with learning and career goals. Teachers can avail classrooms equipped with Live Sessions/meetings, Assignments, Gradebook and Quizzes with security features like AI proctor that works even with low/no internet.

With Edredo, you can finally escape the boundaries of the classroom and explore new worlds through two-way conversations, interactive stories, and hands-on activities that together cultivate a lifelong learning mindset.Learn more with Edredo's free and simple social learning communities!

Overview of Edredo benefits

Students can - 

Get free access to interactive classrooms with engaging video lectures, quizzes and social media features.
Learn at your own pace with unlimited practice quizzes and track progress.
Share the course you're learning on social media to challenge friends and followers to learn together with you.
Create polls and post your articles on your feed to engage with other students.
Create learning or study groups to collaborate and learn together. Trade ideas knowledge.

Teachers can - 

Easily set up classrooms, manage classes and discussions, create multimedia content and more.
With automated grading systems and fair evaluations that are easy to generate, educators can focus on students instead of paperwork.
Accessible to staff, members and students alike, so everyone has access to course analytics data.
Manage all school communications from one space - from announcements to student feedback forums.
Share what you create with the entire community for their input, or keep it private for your own use.


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