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What is Virtual Classroom?

The Virtual Classroom—also known as a Virtual Learning Environmentis a teaching and learning environment where participants can interact, communicate, view and discuss presentations, and engage with learning resources while working in groups, all in an online setting. It is very much known for u ltimate ease of use and simplicity.

The virtual classroom has the potential to provide significant value to online learning by addressing the needs of the learners. They can also create a new standard in the learning experience that goes above and beyond the physical space of the classroom and traditional teaching methods because of the use of technology., EdSoft Virtual Classroom empowers online teaching/tutoring, distance education, employee training.

The role of Virtual Classroom is same as that of the traditional classroom. The only difference is it uses technology to support instructors and learners. Online classroom software works in the same way for businesses as well. You can train employees, partners, vendors, and customers face-to-face in realtime with the use of an app.

Overview of Virtual Classroom benefits

In this global village, the concept of physical classroom/training is getting obsolete, the organizations are finding ways and means to cut the physical barriers of teaching and learning.

In the brick n mortar set up, the teacher has to use specific content type without much flexibility for other modes like - multimedia. The virtual classroom gives the advantage to the teachers to switch and toggle between different content delivery modes like the whiteboard, PPT’s, Audio mode, Video etc. 

Interactive Whiteboard: Touch enabled, advanced online whiteboard latex equation editor, for your complicated mathematical equations along with Wolfram Alpha.

Agile Language Interface: We bridge the communication gap across 104 languages, switch the language interface with a single click within the live session.

Live Class Recording: Aren’t we susceptible to missing out a few of the learnings of the classroom? No worries, record all the sessions and relearn by accessing them again.

Browser Based: We make e-learning simple, the virtual classroom setup is easy since it’s browser-based; Login is just a click away with no other downloads or plugins.


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