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What is EduBlooms School ERP?

EDUBLOOMS  is a pure play SAAS offering. Flexible cloud-hosted software model offers campuses of any range to elastically manage their school, staff, logistics and academics ushering a completely paper less campus experience.

The product has been built to readily to suit the K12 education model but due to its technology architecture it can be quickly molded for any global educational standards. Edublooms is arguably one of the best and affordably designed products that blends not only academics management but also relieves the school operations pain of managing IT and infrastructure management like communication, HR management, comprehensive Student enrollment and profile management, bio-metric access controls, infrastructure and inventory management and so on.

Overview of EduBlooms School ERP benefits

1. Independent Domain for your school

2. Site Content Manager

3. User Manager Module

4. Communication Manager Module: Email,SMS Messaging,Offline Chat system.

5. Employee HR Management Module

6. Payroll Management Module

7. Employee Leave Management

8. Invoice Management

9. Enrollment Management: Ability to generate waiting lists, rejection lists with full enrollment/re-enrollment lifecycle.

10. Student Profile Management: Complete 360 degree management with immunization records, medical records etc..

11. Student Bloom Point System: Built-in system to track merit/demerit points.

12. Student Attendance Management: class and period

13. Fee Management: Family-based accounting with invoice generation and management.

14. Document Management (Official, Student, Employee etc.): Makes your institute paperless as far as possible. You can store official documents in the vault and share these on need basis.

15. Staff Assignment & Scheduling System: Sophisticated module for recording Staff skills and levels, skill-based staff assignment and dynamic scheduling and staffing based on attendance. It also includes staff calendar generation and substitute teacher(subbing) assignment.

16. Lesson Planning: Ability to define text books, syllabus (curriculum) and do lesson planning with rich text documents, and ability to add and manage documents (slides, videos, presentations, pictures etc.) and assignments/assessments.

17. Holiday and Event Calendar Management

18. Zoom Meeting Management

19. Assignment/Assessment Management with Google Classroom Integration: 

20. Gradebook Management with Report Card

21. Library Management

22. Inventory and Infrastructure Management

23. Transportation Management

24. Financial & Accounting Management

25. Vendor Management

 And much, much more. 


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