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What is EducateMe?

EducateMe - is an all-in-one cohort based learning platform that allows to build the learning infrastructure for cohort-based courses and digital academies

Thousands of students were educated with help of the platform

At EducateMe we believe that it should not matter where education happens and everybody has a chance to get competitive knowledge.

And the plan for achieving this is the following:

- The first stage is the platform for building the learning process for cohort based courses

- The second stage is the marketplace where everybody gets a chance to find a cohort-based course for high skills improvement

- The third stage is launching our own academy with digital courses


Overview of EducateMe benefits

The main benefits of EducateMe:

✅ Easy to use learning management system

🚀 Allows discovering the full potential of assignments

🔥 Automate your managing daily tasks

😍 Take your learning materials to the next level with the learning management system

🏓 Automate the process of live sessions using familiar tools

📈 Turn your learners’ activity into analytics charts and measure progress

📖 Follow your learners’ assignments progress using a Kanban-based solution

As a result, it allows you to get rid following problems:

- hiring additional employees to manage your learners

- duplicating the same information for every participant and watching the access

- Preparing & onboarding new learners takes so much time because you need to repeat the same actions for each

- using multiple products, but they are not connected to each other


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