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What is Edufence?

Edufence School Management ERP aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing efficiency and productivity. Our comprehensive school management and Learning Management software package add quality to academic institutions by letting efficient monitoring of the day-to-day progress and performance, as well as our specific features, also allow parents to stay updated with their kid’s performance levels.

Our understanding of education helps schools around the world focus more of their effort on education and less on administration by giving them an integrated and flexible suite to manage their data, streamline their processes and communicate effectively with their community.

Edufence is a Software Management System which provides you all the solution for School Management Work such as Student, Staff & Fee Management, etc.

Overview of Edufence benefits

It will enable the school to manage all administrative tasks.

Edufence School Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a platform that enables schools to manage all administrative tasks effectively, where all stakeholders – Principal, Management, Teachers, Students, and Parents- can access all the required information at the point of time.

LMS is an Online Platform, which makes Teaching-Learning Process easy and effective other than the available online platforms. It provides many features like scheduling Online Classes, Assignments and it helps in conducting an interesting and interactive online examination like a real-class environment.

Edufence enables the engagement of the Principal, Teachers, and Parents, where they can view the performance of students at school, daily attendance, homework, notices, exam schedules, results, etc. with ease.

Report Analysis is one of the finest features of Edufence, which enables schools to generate various kinds of reports to take a fast and efficient decisions for effective administration.


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