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What is Edujournal?

EduJournal is an ERP application for Educational Institutions developed by BrightSword IT Services, to ease the administrative and academic workload for the Educational sector.  It offers a highly scalable, industry-driven education software solution that can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise and accessed via the web on any device to manage admission, enrollment,  class scheduling, attendance, fee payments etc.,  it  is an effective tool to track and monitor internal employee activities for your organization.  It provides all the features  needed to connect, communicate and coordinate between teachers, students & parents.


Objective : Today, Software has become an indespicable part of our daily lives, and it has found it way into every organization.  Hence, the software sector has found great incentives for growth and development in the  light of rapidly growing economy.  Moreover, the domain of developing newer softwares, which was earlier dominated by larger software companies are now dotted by smaller companies like BrightSword IT Services Company with spectacular success relative to their size. A company which is  based in Singapore, has established itself as a dominant player in the field of software development and various kinds of associated services.  

Overview of Edujournal benefits

-  An integrated system available on the cloud, on mobile, on-premise & as managed services.

-  Categorize inquiries based on source such as telephonic, email, walk-in, newspaper etc.,

-  Manage the Registration and Enrollment process of students.

-   Manage Students Records ie., Students Profile, Attendance, Grade, Fee Payment details, etc.

-   Fee Management gives flexibility in predefining various payment packages for each course

-   Automated Outstanding Fees Remainder.

-   Course Management to manage Courses for multiple modules efficiently.

-   Batch Management to manage various courses under multiple batches.

-   Provide user access based on roles viz Admin, Trainers etc.,

-   Real-Time attendance screens with excellent GUI that can be customized using the filters according to course & batch which can help build a report of daily/monthly attendance. 

-  Software offers a flexible and easy-to-use reports tool.

-  Print individual or bulk certificates in your own custom-defined format.

-  For every payment transaction, a receipt is generated and an option is available for email, download & print of the receipt.

 -   You can download data in CSV file format for backup as well as report purposes.


-   Customizable SMS/Email templates are provided for communication.

-  Streamline the process of generating report cards for each student with data available from the database.

-  Responsive dashboard with multiple widgets and graphs with UI/UX design features compatible with every device.

-  Dashboard showing the statistics and Reports about active Students, Courses and Events, Users,  Enquiries, Top Selling Course etc.,



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