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What is EduMple: Education Made Simple?

Single Platform for Multiple Mode of Teaching

  • Hybrid Classroom
  • Live Online
  • VOD classes
  • Self Paced

Whichever mode of teaching institutes/students chooses will have Gamification, Assignment with auto-correction and AI-based analysis.

Multiple Institute Same Course Lesson Plan

The Lesson Plan (List of topics) to be taught will remain the same for all institutes the content will be different this ensure that all topics are covered.

Teacher Centric Approach:
Just like in a Traditional classroom in our teacher-centric approach we give teachers the primary responsibility.

Gamification of the Assignment
EduMple allows teachers to easily turn questions into games from handwritten notes or pdf or images, etc. Audio-Video questions can also be created

Automated Correction and AI-based Analysis
Our auto-correct features help to reduce teachers workload and AI helps in analyzing the areas where students need help for improvements.

Whiteboard Based Real Classroom
In our whiteboard solution, you can do everything you do in a physical classroom. Hence making it easy for you and your students to teach and learn.

Overview of EduMple: Education Made Simple benefits

EduMple is an All-in-One e-Learning platform which creates live classes, classroom as well as VOD classes,
Where Institutes, Schools can teach students in a systematic study curriculum to conduct dynamic tests, assignments, notes and progress reports which will be generated automatically.

EduMple is a SAAS based platform that provides schools with an integrated solution for learning management.

  • We help schools gamify the assignments and tests
  • We provide AI-based analysis for capacity and performance enhancement of students
  • Our powerful platform enables schools to maintain their unique content
  • We help schools/Institutes/Colleges create classroom experience in a digital environment through our whiteboard classes

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