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Supported Specifications

What is Edvay?

Edvay; your very own teaching and learning platform.

One of the simple, powerful and fully featured cloud-based SaaS platform to teach, train and discuss online. Whether it’s your employees or students, you can customize, curate, and create a hassle-free learning experience for them within minutes.

Best suitable for:
1. Educational Institutes for their academics.
2. Coaching Centers for certification courses.
3. Training Institues for skill development.
4. Freelancers to share their expertise & knowledge.
5. Coporates for their internal training.
6. e-Learning companies to sell and deliver courses online.
7. Individual professionals to sell and deliver courses online.

Edvay offers two verticals:
1. Enterprise for Internal Training
2. E-commerce to sell & deliver courses.

Register yourself for 90 days free trial or you can request for a live demo.

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Overview of Edvay benefits

Some of our Core Features

Live Clasroom
Now you can connect with your students, employees & partners on a live session in just few clicks. 

Improve learning speed and maintain the learner’s level of interest by making the process a fun one via gamification of lessons and courses.

Report and Analytics
Receive detailed statistics and insights of user behaviour which can be used to further improve the learning experience.

Learning Tools
Find an array of learning tools that allow the implementation of various learning techniques in each course, thus enriching and simplifying the learning experience.

Build for Future
Edvay’s web-based learning platform features several elements that put it years ahead of conventional desktop software and allow for incredible scalability, performance, and overall flexibility.

Integration with other Enterprise Applications
With Edvay’s web app you can easily connect with various other online services offering a new level of software integration and a whole new array of advanced features.

White labelling
Opt for white labelling and maintain your branding even while you break in to online tutoring.

Payment gateways
Integrate payment gateways easily and start accepting online payments.

Scalable and Flexible
Edvay’s web app offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of scalability, customisation, feature integration, and UI / UX optimisation.

99.95% Guaranteed Uptime
Edvay’s web app is 100% cloud-based which means no data loss, no outage issues, instant access via any device, and most importantly, seamless and instant software updates.

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