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What is Efectio?

Efectio brings you technical and content-based solutions to strengthen and unite your workforce. Invest in your company's number 1 asset - your employees and make your company their second home. Boost your employee engagement and emotional commitment to the company, its values, and goals through team-building, individual tasks, gamification, and rewards! Provide a modern, effective, and exciting engagement option for your employees, and increase their loyalty.

Efectio aids in the targeted development of your employees’ talents. You can improve learning outcomes by repurposing old content or incorporating new interactive activities with our learning platform.

The best way to learn new skills, according to learning experts, is to use a range of methods and activities. Efectio incorporates everything from text and videos in these interactive courses and adds a reward/benefit system to motivate employees further. Best solution to upskill your GIG workers.

Overview of Efectio benefits

Employees can easily track and finish daily tasks and share their answers with other co-workers. Efectio is a social network for employee education.

Each course is divided into smaller tasks that are done daily (lasts a few minutes each) to keep employees engaged but not overwhelmed by the tasks. Diving the whole course into smaller bits, makes sure that employees enjoy doing them and is not overbearing during their daily tasks.

1 on 1
Empower your employees by providing information and answers to questions from experts and mentors from within your company. Easily accessible information when your employees need it.

Education marketplace
Get access to more than 1000 professional educational courses. Gather and distribute information from experts and mentors from your company across all teams and employees and build a culture that rewards top performers.


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