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What is Elorus?

Elorus is a super-easy cloud platform. It can be your company’s caretaker tending to your invoicing and time tracking needs, so that you can focus on making your professional mark in the business world.

Elorus provides a set of powerful features that will improve the way you do business.

You’re just a few steps away from professionally invoicing your clients.

You keep track of your team's billable hours, projects and tasks.

You can excel in expense management and optimize your budget allocation skills.

You get paid online through trusted payment processors.

You can share your progress with customers through your dedicated client portal.

You can make strategic decisions based on our detailed reporting system.

Start with our free plan and explore the infinite possibilities Elorus has to offer!

Overview of Elorus benefits

Easy-to-Use Platform

With Elorus, users can create and send invoices and bills with a few clicks. The application’s navigable interface facilitates this so that businesses can focus more of their time and efforts on looking for new clients and completing projects.

Online Payment Processing

Instead of waiting for clients to send cash payments or checks, users can start accepting payments via online payment gateways. Not only does this allow them to get paid faster, it also saves them time as Elorus helps in following up with clients to remind them to pay their dues.

Tighter Budget Control

Elorus affords users the ability to see where their financial resources are going. Aside from its invoicing and billing functions, the application also helps businesses keep track of their expenses, from purchase orders, recurring payments, utility bills, and more. This enables companies to have tighter control over their expenses and their budgets.

Stronger Client Relationships

With Elorus, businesses can offer their clients their very own dedicated portal. This is where they can pay their invoices over the web and review their transaction history. This way, they do not have to wait for the professional or company to comply with their transaction history requests.




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