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What is Emplify?

Emplify is a revolutionary employee engagement software that lets you make effective decisions regarding workforce issues. With its mobile-first technology, you can distribute surveys with social science-backed questions to employees. Because they are purpose-built for mobile, they can adapt to small screens seamlessly. Thus, completing them is a smooth process for employees.

After the survey process, Emplify provides assistance in quantifying the results. The solution helps you understand your data so you can gain actionable insights from them. Thereon, you can design strategies and put them into effect to address employee concerns effectively. These eventually lead you into creating a company culture that attracts and retains valuable employees who can drive greater growth.

Overview of Emplify benefits

Data-driven Surveys

Creating surveys is not an easy task, especially when you want to discover the true sentiments of your employees. Emplify offers assistance in this regard with its carefully crafted survey questions. Each item is backed by social science research to provide you with a comprehensive view of your organization’s employee engagement.

Simplified Survey Serving

Answering surveys can be a hassle for employees if they take too much time. That is why Emplify created a mobile-first solution. This enables you to serve surveys that adapt to employees’ preferred devices. Answering them is less of a hassle, too, because of its intuitive interface. This also eliminates communication barriers, thereby letting you get to the root of employee engagement problems.

Insightful Heatmaps

Emplify has heatmaps that show the breakdown of insights according to different categories. This lets you zero in on problematic areas for you to prioritize their solution. From here, you can also utilize the SmartPulse poll as a follow-up to your original surveys. These are targeted to specific departments so you can address unique issues adeptly.


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