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What is Enboarder?

Enboarder is an experience-driven onboarding platform for managers and hires which enables users to create personalized onboarding experiences to connect and engage with new hires using tools such as a drag and drop interface, best practice templates, task management and automation, segmentation, and more.

Enboarder helps users design personalized hire experiences with drag and drop tools and best practice templates. New hires are added to the platform as soon as they sign their contract. Enboarder triggers new hire journeys automatically based on role type, demographics, and other levels of segmentation. The platform integrates directly with applicant tracking systems, helping users to streamline their workflow.

Enboarder supports interactive journeys to guide and coach managers through every step of the onboarding process through a personal mobile dashboard. Users can view incomplete actions or overdue items, as well as gather feedback and gain insight into manager and new hire engagement with analytics. Enboarder integrates with a range of everyday apps and tools for HR, e-signing and collaboration, like JobAdder, DocuSign, Slack, Jira, and more.

Overview of Enboarder benefits

The world of work has changed, and so has the way you onboard. With Enboarder, you can nail your virtual onboarding and make both in-house and remote new hires feel welcomed. (1) Delight new hires with personalized experiences (2) Foster critical human connection (3) Coach managers through onboarding (4) Remain agile no matter what COVID throws at you in 2021. Leading employers like Hugo Boss, ING and Eventbrite love Enboarder for its ease of use, flexibility and automation capabilities.

The world’s first and only Experience-driven Onboarding and Transitions Platform
⭐ Changing the game

Traditional onboarding was broken, so we fixed it. Putting people and experience at the center of everything we do.

⭐ Real business impact


A best-in-class-solution will deliver best-in-class ROI. Taking your engagement, productivity and retention to new heights.

⭐ Industry-leading reviews

Don’t just take our word for it: An NPS of 85 and our 5 star online reviews speak for themselves.


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