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Supported Specifications

What is Epixel LMS Software?

Epixel LMS Software is the all-in-one software solution for the administration and delivery of learning and educational courses, training programs, or development programs. An innovative LMS system integrates cutting edge technology to incorporate advanced features and tools that enable the documentation, tracking, and reporting of both online and offline educational programs effectively. Automation allows smooth management of the system thus providing efficient administration of the e-learning system.

Epixel LMS system supports multiple languages and thereby helps your organization to meet the requirements of the wider audience base across the globe. User preferences and location can be easily accommodated on the LMS platform thus offering ideal opportunities to make your system global. The easy-to-use and cost-effective platform of the Epixel system provide users a personalized experience and a complete solution to achieve their learning objectives.

Epixel LMS system is built to perform well in all devices regardless of its platform and compatibility and supports all functionalities such as learning, assessment, training, and more.

Some of the high-end features included are learning path tracking that ensures complete training tracking and analytics, badges and leaderboards feature that motivate learners to perform better and thus increase engagement, time zone adaptiveness which allows users to attend their courses from anywhere, and many more.

Overview of Epixel LMS Software benefits

Epixel LMS Software enables the administration, delivery, documentation, tracking, and reporting of learning and educational courses, training programs, and development programs. Enterprises can use LMS software to offer staff training and development programs and can help to cut down on costs and expenses which otherwise occur when traditional training methods are used. Monitoring and assessing progress becomes much easier and can bring a positive impact on workforce development. Integrating e-commerce with LMS can bring additional benefits to the organization.

Major benefits include:

Internal customer tracking

Reduce training expenses

Pricing plans and any-payout system

Any API integration

Profile management

Report generation

Language switcher

File storage tool

Mobile-friendly eco-system

Completely customizable

Content Management System (CMS)

Business insights

Convenience & accessibility

Shielded with high secure layers

Administrate & collaborate – Mark their online presence virtually!


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