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What is eSafety?

The eSafety training system offers you a complete, easy-to-use OSHA training platform that’s customizable for any company’s specific requirements. Featuring interactive general awareness training courses, advanced reporting capabilities, and specialized support, the eSafety Training system is a powerful, cost-effective safety solution that’s scalable, flexible, and efficient.

eSafety Training takes the work out of safety and compliance training and reporting. Generate regular auto-reports, or have the system compile reports for you by course, by department, and more. eSafety Training makes it easy to see training records and ensure your organization is always in compliance.

Learn more about how eSafety can fit into your company. 

Overview of eSafety benefits

eSafety's learning management system includes organization-wide and specific individual training options. Check out some of the top benefits of our safety training LMS, or reach out to learn about customizable training, pricing, and the specific courses that we have to offer:

  • Customizable training
  • Specialized Support
  • Organization-Wide Training System
  • Quick and Easy Reports
  • Scheduling Options
  • Company-specific training
  • Compliant Course Library
  • Auto Reporting
  • Multi-level set-up
  • Annual schedule options
  • Multi-admin access
  • Knowledge Base
  • Product Support
  • Unlimited course access
  • Automatic Course Platform Updates
  • Documentation and Testing

Reach out today to learn more about our platform and our straight forward pricing model, with everything included, and no hidden costs. 


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