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What is eSurvey?

In order for an organization to be successful nowadays, it is not enough to sell products or offer services on attractive price.

It must generate confidence and loyalty in its customers to maintain its brand and to be ready for changes when the business environment requires.

All these might happen only with the help of the human capital in organization and employee attitude.

In management practices, engagement is validated as a reason and metric for business success and economic growth.

Engaged employees are committed to the company on emotional and rational levels and many researchers say that with that commitment they contribute more in achieving company business goals.

They recognize company goals as their own, and that’s why they work with eagerness and strive for results. They feel and are successful.

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Overview of eSurvey benefits

What you get?

An online results report that is prepared based on the data of the employees’ engagement levels, obtained from the survey questionnaire. The report presents information based on the following data:

- Percentage distribution of all answers for each statements, as well as all answers distributed by factors;

- Company results for all of the statements in the questionnaire and engagement factors;

- Comparison of the company results by factors for unlimited number of demographic groups by choice.



✓ Predefined questions;

✓ Custom demographic questions;

✓ Custom dates and survey period;

✓ Online reporting;

✓ Survey data export;

✓ Mobile survey;

✓ Additional analysis report upon request.


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