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What is ExactHire?

ExactHire is a web-based applicant tracking system (ATS) that provides small and medium size businesses with tools such as job post automation, applicant management, screening, email communication, and compliance reports. ExactHire makes it easy for qualified applicants to apply to jobs, while helping HR professionals and recruiters to find the best applicants. The customizable, mobile-responsive portal provides applicants with a user-friendly experience and enhances the employer’s brand.

Users are able to catalog and search applications within ExactHire’s applicant tracking database, and automatically push job postings to the organization’s website, as well as multiple free and paid job boards. Employers can integrate job skill tests and assessments in order to identify key traits, and insert open-ended, job-specific screening questions right within the online application to help find the most qualified applicants. Background checks can be done by ordering from a variety of different pre-employment screening packages. Applications processes can be customized for each job, including options for traditional and multi-step. Email and text message templates can be customized to each and every applicant, and email templates enable users to attach documentation.

Overview of ExactHire benefits

From within the ExactHire portal, applicants are able to view open positions and descriptions, apply for jobs directly, and opt in to receive text message application updates. Once an application is completed, applicants are notified on-screen and via email that the employer has received their information, and can monitor the status of their application online. Additional key features include the ability for job seekers to apply to multiple jobs at once, Google Maps integration, the ability to mark a candidate as "never hire," and custom reports.

Post to Multiple Job Boards
Extend your recruiting reach by posting to a wide variety of free and paid job boards from within ExactHire.

Let Applicants Apply to Multiple Jobs at Once
For jobs that require similar skills or that are open at multiple locations, allow job seekers to apply for more than one job with one application.

Auto-Complete for Returning Applicants
When returning applicants apply for another job with the same employer, ExactHire uses data from previous applications to auto-complete new ones.


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