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What is FastrackOnboard?

FastrackOnboard Is The Employee Onboarding System That Protects You And Your Business By Keeping You Fully Compliant With Employee Documentation Requirements With An Easy-To-Delegate Labor Compliance Process. So Easy It Makes Hiring A Breeze For You And Your Team. If you'd like to have Error-free Employee Documentation and Worry-free Labor Compliance in your Hiring Processes, then you've come to the right place.


Fastrack Onboard is founded on a commitment to support clients with a tool to manage the tremendous labor compliance workload, especially where there is a great deal turnover, seasonal fluctuations in the workforce, a significant risk of employee litigation, or a history of government audits of workforce records.

Overview of FastrackOnboard benefits

- Error-free Labor Compliance: prevents you from making errors in your hiring process that may result in financial losses due to employee litigation.

- Worry-free Hiring Process: streamlines your hiring and captures the expert hiring practices of your most well-informed HR manager and their legal counsel. 

- Affordable: Our system provides a complete onboarding solution at a low cost of ownership and clear ROI.

- Easy Implementation: FastrackOnboard allows you to move from an existing onboard system quickly and easily.

What is FastrackOnboard…
Revolutionary software designed to solve the biggest problems you have with labor compliance.

You continue to use your own hiring packets, and FastrackOnboard puts them into a workflow that you manage.
Your labor compliance is managed using the exclusive FastrackOnboard Compliance Matrix(tm) which contains the policies for federal, state and local hiring.
Hiring management is an error free process that guides everyone to follow the rules when completing their hiring forms. 


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