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What is FileInvite?

FileInvite is an information and document requesting solution for any business that wants to automate the process across a client base. Offering particular suitability to those sectors involved in financial services, loan and mortgage applications for example, FileInvite is in fact open to all with scalable subscription-based pricing. The service promises enhanced security over data transmission and storage over traditional email methods, adding SSL/HTTPS encryption to keep sensitive client information confidential. This, coupled with the ability to make multiple requests in one hit while tracking progress, claims to streamline a more efficient approach to data collection.

The system works by allowing users to create "invites" that define all the required information and associated document attachments, which can be saved to template for repeated use. These are then sent to a client contact and tracked to report back the status and progress, viewable from within the app's dashboard-based interface. Automated email reminders can be setup to prompt timely client completion based on stipulated due dates, giving clients online portal links to precisely where the information should be submitted. The uploaded content and files are then securely stored for download through FileInvite, or automatically synced to cloud storage including Dropbox.

Overview of FileInvite benefits

Next Level Document Collection
Here's how FileInvite will save you hours in chasing clients for documents.


Client Portal

Create a new secure client portal in seconds that’s customised with your logo and branding. Get exactly what you need, from one, or multiple parties effortlessly.

Forms & e-Signatures

Your clients can access their portal on any device, at any time. They can upload files, use smartphones, complete forms and even sign documents digitally.

Admin & Workflows

Realtime notifications keep you updated as documents arrive. Productivity tools let you convert, collate, approve, reject and export everything.  Your central dashboard ensures you always know the status of every request.


Start collecting even the most complex list of information in seconds with a template from our extensive library. Save your own templates and ensure company wide consistency across branding, messaging and compliance.



Learn more about the features that differentiate FileInvite from the competition.


Learn more about FileInvite's pricing options so you can make a business-wise decision on the best software to use.


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