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What is Flex Surveys?

Flex Surveys is a fully managed employee survey solution that helps organization improve employee engagement and satisfaction. We outsource the intricate & time consuming aspects of engagement surveys and have your internal staff focus on the critical tasks of analyzing results and implementing action plans.

We handle all of the time-consuming aspects of your employee engagement survey so you can focus your attention on reviewing the results and taking action.

Fully customizable surveys we will help you customize your survey to include any language, wording, scale, or any number of questions incorporate advanced metrics like benchmarking, employee NPS, and engagement assessments  pick a method of deployment: general survey link, unique email invitations, text messages, paper surveys, or offline tablets


Overview of Flex Surveys benefits

Professionally managed service

We provide dedicated support throughout the survey process our experts are available to answer questions we guide you in developing a questionnaire we recommend strategies to boost participation.

Extensive & insightful reporting

we customize all aspects of your reporting based
on the specific needs of your organization our reporting packages include a wide variety of components, both unlimited participation as well as unlimited report segmentation, that will provide a clear picture of performance across all survey questions and topics.

Any questions on how we can help?
Just give us a quick call, one of our friendly research specialists will be happy to explain our services in detail


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