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What is FlowyTeam?

FlowyTeam is a performance management system for organizations to outperform their peer group via:

OKR: effective strategy execution
KPI: real-time performance tracking
Task: execute via an effective action plan
Project: have the absolute overview
Report: easily generate performance reports
Learning Hub: upload your own videos / files
Engagement tools: 360° review & check-in
Motivation tools: employee rewards
​Efficiency: timelogs & attendance

Align your teams and employees towards your company vision and mission.

FlowyTeam has over 300+ organizations in more than 50 countries. The software is available in 30+ languages is easy to apply for managers and employees.

You can book your free trial via this link: https://flowyteam.com/signup

Please book a free demo version if you need further assistance: https://calendly.com/flowyteam/30min

Overview of FlowyTeam benefits

OKRs: execute your strategies effectively
KPIs: track your performance of teams in real-time
Tasks: execute via an effective action plan
Projects: have the absolute overview of your projects
Reports: generate easily performance reports
Learning Resource Hub: upload your own videos/files
Engagement tools: 360-degree review & check-in
Motivation tools: employee rewards
​Efficiency: track via timelogs & attendance

FlowyTeam empowers business owners, supervisors, and CEOs to make smarter and faster decisions in this agile business world via OKRs, KPIs, and performance tools.

Have satisfied employees in your organization by providing effective engagement tools as a reward system, weekly check-ins, and many more features.

With FlowyTeam it is easier to outperform your peer group and be a couple of steps ahead in this fast-moving business world.


Learn more about the features that differentiate FlowyTeam from the competition.


Learn more about FlowyTeam's pricing options so you can make a business-wise decision on the best software to use.


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