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What is Fond?

Fond is a SaaS employee recognition solution designed to help employees redeem corporate perks and rewards and share achievements with team members. The application allows HR teams to create personalized service award catalogs for employees, track their work anniversaries, and award commemorative plaques and trophies.

It lets co-workers view, like, or add comments on the social feed, track the usage of existing reward programs, and analyze performance metrics on a centralized platform. Fond enables employees and managers to redeem rewards, access corporate discounts on entertainment, fitness, or travel categories, and track the program performance and redemption history. Employees can use the platform to request discounts on popular products and add multiple family members to Fond perks.

Overview of Fond benefits

Fond offers an API, which lets businesses integrate the system with several third-party platforms such as Workday, ADP, Namely, Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Slack, and more. It also helps HR professionals to add pre-negotiated discounts and existing employee perks to the platform.


Social Recognition
Create a culture of recognition at your company by publicly acknowledging others for their milestones and accomplishments.

Service Awards
Easily build custom service award catalogs for your employees, track work anniversaries, offer plaques and trophies, and more.

Performance Analytics
Get the data you need and track your program performance, usage, redemption history, popular perks and rewards, and more.

Corporate Discounts
Access pre-negotiated corporate perks, like discounts on entertainment, fitness, and travel, with no additional effort for your company.


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