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What is Frameable?

Frameable is a software company revolutionizing Microsoft Teams with innovative software tools designed to enhance productivity, collaboration, and engagement. Our goal is to make the experience of hybrid, remote, and distributed work as easy as turning around and talking to each other by developing products that solve the most common frustrations faced by Microsoft Teams users. We believe that productivity is best supported by great products that are easy and intuitive to use and that make collaboration seamless for any type of team. As a fully remote team, we understand the challenges faced by teams working remotely and strive to bridge those gaps so they can enjoy the benefits of flexible work.

Overview of Frameable benefits

Frameable addresses long-standing user interface gaps in Microsoft Teams. By introducing new features like multiple simultaneous screen sharing, a dashboard for centralized access to Microsoft Teams resources, and a revamped digital Whiteboard for interactive idea sharing, Frameable provides users with the features they need within their own Microsoft Teams environment. Save time, lead more efficient training sessions or meetings, and stay on top of your projects or teams with a more streamlined approach to your work. Frameable's solutions are designed to streamline communication and collaboration within Teams, making it a more integrated and efficient platform for any modern workplace. It is trusted by leading companies and supported by Microsoft.


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