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What is Freshteam?

Freshteam is the smart HR software for growing businesses. With Freshteam, you can attract, hire and onboard new hires, offboard exiting employees, and manage employee information, and time off - all in one place.

Freshteam helps attract and source top talent through various channels - a quickly customizable career site, integration with multiple free and premium job boards, and social media channels. Once the candidates are in, the recruiters can collaborate with the hiring managers to screen and interview them, share feedback, leave notes for each other, and finally, hire and roll out offers to the best candidates.

Freshteam also enables the HR team to onboard new hires even before day one - whether it’s getting forms filled, documents signed, or handing out handbooks, Freshteam can do it in a few clicks. In addition, it also allows you to create an onboarding task list and assign it to respective people. You can gather all the necessary information and create employee profiles (which flesh out into a directory), manage access permissions to employee information and documents, etc.

The HR software also takes complete care of employee time off, employee and manager self-service for employees to raise requests, manager approval workflows, time off reports for teams and the whole organization that give a quick view into upcoming leaves, absenteeism trends, and more.

The Android and iOS apps enable you to carry out important actions on the go.

Overview of Freshteam benefits

Next to being backed up by one of the most successful software providers in recent years, Freshteam has proven its ability to transform companies’ recruiting experience. Comprised of several unique applicant tracking and recruitment CRM features, Freshteam equips users with all tools they need to attract and retain talented professionals.

All hiring operations on a single dashboard

Using Freshteam, HR managers preserve full control over the hiring process, and manage all recruiting operations from the comfort of a single dashboard. The customizable system makes it easy to acquaint talent in line with personalized rules and policies, and brings all candidate information (hiring pipeline- resumes, emails, feedback, notes, and more) under the same roof.

Job postings management

Freshteam lets you design and describe job postings, and share them on internal portals and popular career sites. For the purpose, you can use some of the platforms attractive and modifiable templates, or create a brand new listing with detailed descriptions. Each vacancy can then be associated with a chosen hiring team for maximal transparency, and the team can configure any of the hiring workflow stages to make the candidate’s experience more personalized.


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