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What is FunctionFox?

FunctionFox is an online project management and timesheet software designed for creative companies, such as advertising, graphic design, marketing, public relations, and multimedia firms. Users can monitor multiple jobs, assign tasks, manage remote workers, and keep projects on track and on budget.

Built especially for small businesses, FunctionFox provides a simple time tracking tool and a more complex, full-featured project management app. The software provides managers and stakeholders with multiple reports on all project activity, clients, tasks, and personnel. The tool can also be used to compare financial data such as estimates and actual costs as well as to see an overview of timelines, productivity, and budgets.

FunctionFox can be used by staff members to track the time it takes them to complete tasks with the app's stopwatch timer. They can also use the PM tools to create and view a personal calendar, share files and documents, define timelines and milestones, create to-lists, and assign tasks. A project blog with commenting and email alerts can also be set up for further team collaboration. Users can also create invoices, schedule meetings and events with a group calendar, and create contact lists and client profiles.

Overview of FunctionFox benefits

FunctionFox is a simple and intuitive project management tool with time tracking capabilities. The software is designed to streamline all processes of creative companies so that they can deliver top quality services while maintaining high levels of creativity.

Many companies appreciate how FunctionFox takes them from paper-based timesheets and Excel documents to a more modern, fluid way to manage their projects, monitor time and track milestones. The software enables users access to all the knowledge they need without overwhelming them with too much information.

FunctionFox enables users to look back at project’s history, whether it be two weeks ago or two months ago. This functionality makes it easy for managers and team members to review their steps, make the necessary corrections and adjustments so they can move forward and deliver the project as instructed and within schedule.

With task management and scheduling features, companies stay on top of their employees schedule, enabling them to delegate tasks to the most qualified personnel and set their own schedules and milestones. The time tracking function also helps users monitor their work and empowers employees to improve both performance and productivity.

Budget is an essential aspect for any project. FunctionFox helps project teams plan their budget and ensures that spending is kept within the bounds of their finances by making sure that production schedules and efforts are aligned with the project goals and requirements.


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