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What is GatherInVR?

Queppelin is an Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality applications development company. We offer innovative solutions to our clients across industries including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, Retail, Real Estate, training, and education.

Our platforms include:

1. Virtual Reality based training solutions for the manufacturing industry. Our VR solution substantially reduces the fatalities on the shop floor and also the training costs for our manufacturing clients like JCB.

2. Augmented Reality Furniture Retail platform to convert your ecommerce app into an experiential buying platform.

3. Consumer Augmented Reality solutions for merchants to create AR marketing experiences on the fly.

4. Mixed Reality applications for Pharmaceutical companies.

We derive our name from two of our favourite rock bands Queen + Led Zeppelin. It is known that creativity is combining two different domains and this is what we do by combining design, technology and marketing strategies.

The company is Co-Founded by Dr. Pulkit Mathur (CEO) and Prafulla Mathur who are serial entrepreneurs. As a groups we have started three companies in Spatial Computing (AR / VR) and travel tech in India & Indonesia. We also have our presence in  USA and UK.

Overview of GatherInVR benefits

The room setup can be completely customised and can even replicate your board rooms or seminar halls. Even the avatars for the users can be specifically designed for them.

Multi-platform Virtual Reality software:
A multi-platform virtual reality events software that works without any costly technology. We have developed such software that can be integrated not only with a Virtual Reality headset but also with your mobile phones or laptops.

Ready to use software:
We have developed it in a way that it is not installation based. What this means is that you do not have to download it before utilizing it.

Host a variety of Business Events Virtually:
We have come up with a solution that meets all of the needs of our clients. Not only can you host virtual reality business meetings but also hold seminars, conferences, and other events.

Team size is not the limit for Virtual Reality Events Ecosystem:
We have built our software and infrastructure to be able to handle sufficiently large teams so that you can continue to deliver what you do best.

Customized solutions for all our Clients:
We help you bring your real-life office room, board rooms, and meeting rooms to the virtual world. To make it more fun, we also offer avatars of your favorite character, or you can bring your personality live to virtuality.


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