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What is GFoundry?

GFoundry is a Talent Management Platform that uses gamification, AI, and social features to engage employees, partners, and customers. It includes modules for learning, recognition, performance evaluation, OKR management, KPI competitions, and more.

The platform is customizable, multi-lingual, and offers integrations with existing business tools, aiming to empower employees and improve organizational performance.

Here's a detailed look at its key features:

Multi-Company: You can manage your multiple BU's with a single App, making it versatile for big organizational structures.

Customizable: The platform can be tailored to meet specific business needs, allowing for a personalized approach to talent management.

Multi-Module: GFoundry includes a range of modules for different aspects of talent management, such as learning, recognition, goal setting, KPI competitions, surveys, marketplace, innovation, evaluation & career management, task management, feedback, and organizational climate monitoring.

Engagement Thermometer: This feature measures happiness and well-being within the organization, providing insights into employee satisfaction.

Structured Paths for Employees: GFoundry allows for the creation of structured paths or employee journeys.

Gamification Engine: Employees are rewarded with badges, leaderboards, and virtual coins, fostering a competitive and rewarding environment.

Community Aggregation: For internal communication, GFoundry promotes community building by interest groups and agile corporate communication mechanisms.

Integrations: GFoundry provides product extensions and integrations with existing platforms such as ERP, business intelligence platforms, communication and chat apps.

Its adaptability and integration capabilities make it a valuable tool for various organizations aiming to enhance their talent management strategies.

Overview of GFoundry benefits

Differentiating Factors of GFoundry Platform:

Experience-Focused & Holistic Approach: GFoundry differentiates itself by adopting a holistic approach to employee talent management with the aim of creating fulfilling Digital Employee Experiences. Their functionalities are not isolated to a process or module, but integrated into an overall, holistic experience layer, forming part of a larger framework.

Employee Centric: GFoundry's product is employee-centric, focusing heavily on offering personalized career development, sharing and feedback tools, and social interactions.

Mobile First & Gamification: They are a mobile-first product equipped with a gamification engine to boost engagement and productivity.

Five Layers Methodology: Our methodology implies the creation of 5 layers, so that we can create impactful and gamified employee-centric experiences, with a strong focus on provide personalized career development, sharing & feedback tools and social interactions, even in companies that already have other HR software.

The 5 Layers are:

  1. PURPOSE: What is the main purpose?
  2. NARRATIVE: What is the story to tell?
  3. REWARDS: What are the consequences of fulfilling the proposed activities?
  4. ACCESSIBILITY: How can we facilitate and promote access?
  5. ENGAGEMENT: What are the actions I need to implement to boost engagement?

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