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What is Glint?

  • Glint gives HR teams, leaders, and managers on-demand access to employee feedback, surfacing insights that help you focus on employee engagement issues across a global, diverse workforce. It is uniquely designed to overcome the typical barriers to action by guiding leaders and managers through the process of strengthening employee engagement and driving results.
  • Glint employee pulse surveys gather powerful data in no time, providing actionable results in real time. Use Glint's standard questions based on proven employee engagement drivers or add your own. Confidential workforce pulses take just minutes to complete and update to Glint instantly.
  • Interactive employee engagement dashboards display a holistic breakdown of an entire organization's health, identify areas that need attention and allow users to drill down into data as deep as they want. Your leaders all see the employee engagement results specific to their roles, giving them quick visibility into response rates, scores, trends and alerts.

  • Industry-leading employee engagement analytics allow you to explore results at the speed of thought. Heat map, driver impact, KPI linkage, cross-program, and executive presentation reports deliver insights, predict problem areas and help you share them with your teams.

Overview of Glint benefits

Beautiful Design
Feedback is at the heart of learning and growth, but all too often poor software design gets in the way of human conversations. Glint draws on the principles of design thinking to create a unique, intuitive user experience that accelerates adoption and action.

Real-Time Insights
Many engagement solutions are a lot like history class — detailed information about a time long ago. Others offer speed, but not deep insight. Glint delivers human-level insight at super-human speed. Proactive intelligence immediately surfaces opportunities, predicts risks, and most importantly — prescribes action.

People-Centric Architecture
Unlike survey providers, Glint is built on a people-centric architecture that captures data throughout the employee experience, giving you insights across all your feedback programs. And it’s designed to support complex, global organizations, regardless of how they’re organized — or how often they’re reorganized.

Business Impact Linkage
To know whether your people initiatives are working, you need the ability to quantify their effect on business outcomes. With too many solutions, understanding what drives business results is a slow, disconnected process. Our integrated business linkage helps you see and take action on the relationship between your people’s experiences and business outcomes like retention, customer satisfaction, and much more. 

Guided Action
Uncovering insights from employee feedback is only valuable if your organization takes action. Glint is more than a report on a desk. Our platform is uniquely designed to overcome the typical barriers to action by guiding leaders and managers through the process of strengthening engagement and driving results.


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