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What is GoBrunch?

GoBrunch is a video collaboration platform that makes you feel inside a real environment, such as a classroom. You can share multiple screens, upload files, play videos, control mics and cameras. Use GoBrunch as your daily virtual office or training center.

Instead of sending messages, just turn on your mic to speak with your teammates. You can see who’s working and which virtual room they are in. Within GoBrunch workspaces, people can freely move between breakout rooms and interact with different team members or students. 

If you’re tired of traditional videoconferencing tools, join GoBrunch and start reimagining your meetings, training and virtual events.

A unique web-based interface allows workplaces to be built with virtual seats, custom backgrounds, images, and embedded mixed media, including YouTube videos, music, calendars, and forms. Within GoBrunch workspaces, people can freely move between spaces, like a conference room, office, or break room, and meet and interact with different people.

Overview of GoBrunch benefits

·  No Installation and No Sign up.

·  Multiple use cases: meetings, trainings, webinars, events, and co-working spaces.

·  One single link forever for your meetings.

·  An immersive interface that mimics real workspaces to boost engagement and culture.

·  No time limit.

·  High level of customization.

·  Share Multiple Screens at the Same Time

·  Recording on the Cloud

·  Upload Files and Materials

·  Play YouTube Videos

·  Customize and Decorate your Virtual Spaces with Backgrounds, Images and Texts

·  Embed Videos, Calendars, Forms and Canva Designs

·  Easily Connect your Rooms to Create Simple Private Metaverses

·  Multiple Moderators to Help Managing your Sessions

·  Custom URL

·  Upload MP4 Videos for Asynchronous Watching

·  Collaboration tools. Work Together on Miro, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

·  Broadcast Video and Audio to All Rooms


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