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What is gotLearning?

gotLearning is a Collaborative Learning System. Born in the classroom by a practicing teacher. gotLearning is a platform that captures and curates learning conversations between students and teachers. This process mirrors the teaching and learning cycle including: introductory lessons, assignments, practice/trial and error, feedback, revisions, submittal and reflections.

Designed around how a school instructionally operates there are roles for students, teachers, specialists, counselors and school administrators. This unique platform allows for all learning evidence to be in one place, thus organizing the classroom around student learning evidence. 

The mobile app is full featured and allows for students and teachers to participate in all of their learning conversations and has scanning capabilities for non-digital student work.

Overview of gotLearning benefits

gotLearning is well beyond a portfolio, it is a platform that captures the communication of the learning. Students and teachers can use their favorite EdTech tools and link them to gotLearning's learning conversations. This helps build student agency and allows students to have ownership of their learning. gotLearning's roots are in CRM and marketing automation so each student has their own record that follows them through their entire learning journey.

School administrators can now see beyond just quantitative data of their schools and focus in on the qualitative learning evidence being created. 

The g.o.t. in gotLearning stands for Growth Over Time. gotLearning keeps learning data from previous school years for easy access by students, teachers, specialists and administrators. 


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