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What is Graspway?

Graspway is the e-learning platform designed to offer a unique learning experience, with various types of users that allow you to manage it in an integrated manner. Create, edit and manage both users and courses, organizing the training content you offer and monitoring the learning of your students. You can also create training routes, evaluate your students and monitor your courses quickly and easily.
Graspway will grow with you. You can start with just a few students and add more as your needs change.
You can create all kinds of content including external videos, computer graphics, downloads, etc., allowing your students to enjoy and learn through any smartphone or tablet (IOS and Android).
We joined the Open edX® platform, which is the most powerful and versatile online course tool, with the ease of editing and publishing content in WordPress.

You can measure your students' learning both by course and by student.

Teachers can configure both automatic assessments and the issuing of certificates. In addition, the "peer review" functionality allows students and teachers to evaluate essays and exercises to be developed.

With Graspway you will create an intuitive learning environment for your students. In addition, you can create, edit and organize your courses from scratch making them attractive and interesting for your students - a unique teaching experience!

Overview of Graspway benefits

Graspway allows you to digitise, create and sell all types of e-learning courses quickly, conveniently and easily.

With Graspway you have a tool that grows with your business and allows you to include the users you need in a staggered way. You do not need to change the online course platform once your business grows.

Our online course platform is designed to cover all your needs, from administrative aspects such as the online shop, the payment gateway, invoice management, to content editors, certificates, user tracking metrics, etc.

Graspway is the comprehensive learning platform that allows you to create a totally unique and personalized educational experience for your students. With our training platform, you can completely manage your students and follow their training without much effort thanks to our advanced metrics.

Graspway allows you to create, edit and manage all types of courses, training paths and exams, offering a differentiated educational experience. In addition, it offers you the ability to efficiently manage the administrative tasks of your centre, focusing on what is really important: training your students.

Are you a mid-sized organisation, with offices and learning programs in many countries and languages? Do you have lots of learning tools and content, all of with different styles, codes, inputs, and types? Are you struggling to measure and manage learning compliance as the workforce is now so dispersed post-pandemic?

Graspway is an easy to implement, and affordable Learning Management solution to all your platform goals.


Learn more about the features that differentiate Graspway from the competition.


Learn more about Graspway's pricing options so you can make a business-wise decision on the best software to use.


Find out how Graspway stacks up against its most popular competitors.