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What is Groundwork1?

Email Lessons

Your teammates complete each lesson the same way they would read their favorite email newsletter: within their own inbox. Lesson content can include text and images as well as interactive links like videos, downloads, checkboxes, and web resources.

Landing Pages

Clicking on interactive links within the emails bring team members to professional looking branded lesson landing pages without the need to login. They can watch videos, download files, or complete necessary tasks on pages like these.

Lesson Designer

Our capable lesson designer allows you as the training manager to drag and drop content into the order that fits your team's learning needs. You can split the lesson into multiple timed emails, or deliver it all at once.

Team Progress

As the training manager you can keep tabs on who from your team has completed their training and who has not yet. You can export reports or view an individual team member's course progress.

Overview of Groundwork1 benefits

An easy to use LMS

Including your lesson content directly in emails makes your training easier to access and your team members more likely to complete it.

Super customizable lessons

Drag and drop simple modules to customize your lesson emails with exactly the content you want, and nothing that you don't need

Automatic reminders 

You don't have to be the bad guy! Let the system automatically follow up on uncompleted training.

More professional

Present your training content more professionally with your own branded landing pages.

High level overview

Get a 1,000 foot view of who has been enrolled in which trainings and who has completed them.


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