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What is Gtmhub?

Gtmhub is an intuitive and beautiful goal management platform that uses a goal-setting framework called objectives and key results or OKRs. In this framework, goals are set and defined and how these goals or objectives are being achieved is monitored and measured. Gtmhub allows team members to share a common purpose even though each of them has different goals. This way, they will be able to realize the true value of their works and efforts and contribute to the attainment of the goals of their company or team.

The OKR solution increases transparency by enabling users to monitor the progress of team members as they are reaching their objectives. Here, they can find out how many objectives each individual is working on and how far he or she is in pursuing such objectives. Moreover, Gtmhub makes it easy for team members to collaborate on their objectives and key results. They can engage in discussions that were set up within their own tools, ask feedback from their colleagues or give their own feedback, and help their teammates overcome the obstacles they are facing when it comes to achieving their objectives.

Overview of Gtmhub benefits

Align Different Goals Or Objectives To A Common Purpose

Imagine an organization or a team comprised of individuals who are pursuing different sets of goals or objectives. Although they are working in the same organization or team, there is a possibility that these individuals really don’t understand the true value of what they are doing and its primary purpose. Gtmhub is built so that employees and team members can share a common purpose despite doing different tasks and activities and attaining different specific goals or objectives.

With Gtmhub, goal alignment is made possible. Thus, it enables employees or team members to align the goals they are pursuing personally with those objectives the organization or team as a whole wants to reach. The goal management platform consolidates multiple objectives and key results in one place in such a way that users can clearly see the connection and relationship between various goals. Employees or team members can visualize how important the works or tasks they are doing when it comes to achieving company or team goals.

Make Your Objectives And Key Results More Transparent



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