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What is Guardian Tracking?

Guardian Tracking currently helps over 1100 public safety organizations to ensure higher performance, create more consistent and accurate documentation, improve employee engagement and morale, and create a clear path for more empowered leaders.

n these times, your focus may be on an Early Warning System. Detecting potentially harmful patterns in an officer’s behavior are essential, and we know that Guardian Tracking can be an effective tool for identifying and intervening to improve problematic behaviors.

However, at Guardian Tracking, we believe that it is equally important to recognize and celebrate your officers’ successes and improvements. We bring both sides of the coin to performance management in a customizable, engaging way. We believe that using our comprehensive performance management tool is the most effective way to support officers, create a positive culture, and demonstrate professionalism to the community you serve.

Overview of Guardian Tracking benefits

Guardian Tracking offers low pricing and a world-class product that has a proven track record with over 1,100 agencies utilizing the system nationwide.

EIS will never be an exact science. There are too many variables. Every agency needs to identify thresholds that will trigger an Early Intervention flag. The fact is that no algorithm or mathematical metric can ever replace the human element of an educated, engaged, compassionate servant leader.

Other EWS systems can take months, even years to get implemented. With Guardian Tracking, you will recognize a profound difference in weeks.

Unlike other overly expensive EIS solutions, you won’t find any hidden or complicated pricing with Guardian Tracking. You can see what your agency will pay right now, with no strings attached.


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