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What is Hallmark Learning Labs?

Hallmark Learning Labs is a cloud-based online assessment system. The comprehensive suite of solutions provided here is proven to the best in assessing students while improving teacher's productivity.

It has been delivering adaptive learning & teaching environments across more than 200+ educational institutions.

Hallmark Learning Labs has so far introduced modern, yet simplified teaching and learning solutions and it’s featured by an Rs. 450 Crore multinational conglomerate ‘Hallmark Global Technologies’.

Built with intelligence and advanced learning technology Hallmark Learning Labs is renowned to develop the tailored & scalable assessment systems which are highly interactive and beneficial for schools, colleges and educational institutions in improving student learning and teachers’ productivity.

Overview of Hallmark Learning Labs benefits

The idea is to provide an efficient psychometric assessment suite for schools, built with aptitude-testing technology. And for colleges is to create adaptive teaching-learning environments, so they can achieve increased productivity within teachers & students. Last but not the least, Hallmark Learning Labs focuses on helping students in building up the strengths, speed & accuracy to excel in real competitive exams.

Our adaptive learning solutions helped more than two hundred academic institutions in achieving increased teacher productivity, improved results and better stakeholder relations. Some of our clients achieved 30% improvement in results after adapting our solutions


Features of HLL Assessment Software:

✔    Automated Question Paper Generation

✔    Benchmarked Question Bank/Item Banking

✔    Computerized Adaptive Testing

✔    Advanced AI Analytics & Real-Time Insights

✔    Psychometric Assessment for Aptitude Testing

✔    Malpractice & Cheating Avoidance

✔    OMR Assessment and Evaluation

✔    Bulk Upload Data & Question Bank

✔    Inbuilt Question bank for Schools and Colleges

✔    Easy to compose question paper by shuffling questions

✔    Categorize your Exams as per subject and difficulty levels

✔    Schedule the Email & SMS notifications to alert your students regarding the tests

✔    Separate logins for Admin, Teacher, Principal, Management, and Student/Parent

✔    Real-Time analytics, in-depth statistics & recommendations for better learning outcomes

✔    24/7 online support and assistance made available


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