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What is Happy at Work?

Happy at Work is a modern and digital service for continuously measuring employee well-being in your organisation. Our survey can be done in only 10 seconds! You can keep connected to your employees and collect continuous feedback about their work situation, at the office or at home with simple and insightful questions. This allows you to quickly detect negative trends within the organization, in order to resolve the problems before it is too late!

We offer an employee tool to quickly and easily measure job satisfaction and workload in your organization.

We believe in evaluating the work environment frequently and over time with simple but insightful questions. It allows you to quickly detect negative trends and act before it's too late.

Overview of Happy at Work benefits

This is how easy it works.
With Happy at Work you can choose how often the surveys will be distributed and what questions to ask.

The system handles distribution automatically and generates alerts about negative trends that are directly brought to your attention.

The results are presented weekly or monthly and can be filtered by groups or tags.

Work environment
right now
Here is the latest result regarding the work situation right now shown.

You can also see if the working environment shows a positive or negative trend since the previous measurement.

Work environment
over time
Here is historical data shown, which gives you the opportunity to see how employees' job satisfaction has evolved over time.

This helps you evaluate how actions or events have affected the working environment in the long ter


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