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What is Happyforce?

Happyforce is a cloud-based employee engagement platform designed to help organizations retain talent, interact with the workforce, and analyze employee sentiment or requirements through pulse surveys and feedback channels. Features include customizable questions, data export, cross-team analysis, log management, and real-time data.

The application enables managers to collect feedback about various aspects such as employee recognition, suggestions, or areas of improvement and visualize their responses via charts. Supervisors can segment staff members based on hierarchy or demography and compare the performance across multiple departments or teams. Managers can also collect employees' responses anonymously and measure their well-being through the happiness index. With its mobile applications, members can communicate, rate peers' comments, and receive announcements.

Overview of Happyforce benefits

Happyforce is an anonymous and open-feedback channel that continuously engages employees and managers in important conversation. Happyforce collects feedback types such as Recognition, Thankfulness, Suggestions, Areas of improvement, and general information. This system allows us to identify the most relevant topics and processes the real-time data analysis, allowing managers to establish priorities and opportunities for improvement in the workplace.

Stop guessing, just measure

We analyze in detail the overall state of your workplace environment continuously and in real time.

You will understand your strengths, areas of improvement and you will be able to measure the impact of your actions.

Live your employee’s experience

We help you understand, analyze and interpret the needs of your employees so that you can define your action plan.

Maximize your talent, discover leaders, and build relationships with your employees.


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