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What is HarmonyPSA?

HarmonyPSA is a fully featured PSA solution incorporating full service desk, CRM and accounting back-end in addition to normal core PSA functionality.

Harmony’s no-compromise service desk functionality has deep configurability built in. It allows you to develop unlimited ticket types with custom workflows, routing rules and seamless email threading plus, time-zone support, SLA monitoring and escalation. It’s fully brandable client portal enables businesses to take complete control of their front door without the need for customization money. All this is available in a device independent user interface, Harmony’s full functionality is available in the cloud from desktop to mobile phone.

But what makes Harmony really different is that as well as managing these operational workflows, it has a smart accounting back-end which automates the back-office and eliminates billing and accounting errors. With easy access to full business intelligence reporting, lead to cash to accounting and full business lifecycle management, HarmonyPSA is a super-sized PSA solution that is more like an ERP for technology businesses.

Overview of HarmonyPSA benefits

Our vision for a new kind of PSA solution:

An enterprise-wide platform with no handoffs, modules, rekeying or stale data where nothing can be lost or missed.

Professional services automation (PSA) software providing the maximum degree of process automation so that user intervention is only required to add value - not to administer.

Cloud Service Providers:

Having trouble managing your cloud contracts? Harmony’s contract-centric architecture and powerful product designer is the perfect solution.

Software Product Vendors:

Global growth providing a challenge for your software business? Keep on top of your sale processes. Harmony brings down the barriers.

Software Development Consultants:

Need a PSA system that combines world-class project and resource management with a best-in-class service desk? Look no further.


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