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What is Harvest?

Harvest harnesses the power of time tracking to help users answer critical questions about their team's time, project progress, and the health of the business. Plus, it turns billable time into invoices that make it easy to get paid online. Businesses can use Harvest to carry out time tracking, expense tracking, project management, task assignment, invoicing, scheduling, and more.

One of the biggest challenges with tracking time is getting team members to do it. The Harvest app makes time tracking easy for teams by letting them track time in the way that's easiest for them. They can log their hours for the week into a timesheet all at once, or they can track time as they work by starting a timer from their desktop, phone, or browser. Harvest even integrates with third party tools including Asana, Basecamp, and Trello - so that team members can track time from applications they already use.

Harvest also helps businesses put that timesheet data to work by turning it into intuitive, visual graphs that provide insight into teams and projects. Managers can see what each team member has worked on and what's taking up the most time. See how much time has been tracked to each project, how much budget is left, and how much time is billable.


Overview of Harvest benefits

Track time and expenses.

Time tracking can unlock key information about your business, but remembering to do it can be a challenge. Harvest makes it easy to track time and expenses, so you get access to critical data without driving yourself (or your team) crazy.

Keep track of your team’s time.

Timesheets provide a wealth of information that can help you manage your team more intelligently. Harvest collates this raw timesheet data into a visual summary of where your team’s time is going.

Make sure your projects are healthy.

Keep your projects on track (and make sure your business is going strong) with answers to key questions, courtesy of intuitive visual reports pulled right from your timesheets.


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