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What is Headrush Learning?

HEADRUSH helps bold schools drive better learning.

Students start from different places, they learn best through doing, and better feedback loops lead to better learning.

HEADRUSH is a learning management platformbuilt specifically for learner-centered schools and project-based programs.


  • Delivers student-led workflows, flexibility in design,
    and personalized learning management.
  • Streamlines competency-based assessment, embraces whole person reporting, and leverages rubrics to guide guest feedback.
  • Reinforces your learning model, so you can meet adult learners where they are, and dissolve the industrial model without the chaos.

HEADRUSH was founded in 2017 as a convergence of our founders' 15+ years of experience starting up, working in, and supporting learner-centered schools having experienced the following first-hand:

  • Traditional learning systems stifled the kind of model the three believed best for learning;
  • Home grown systems were easy to start, but hard to maintain;
  • More generic solutions put student agency far behind more teacher-directed activities.

Overview of Headrush Learning benefits

HEADRUSH solves the messiness of agile learning workflows, making them managable and scalable. 

HEADRUSH flexibly tracks, assesses, and reports learning target completion cross curricularly and varibly based on the learner and learning experience.

HEADRUSH supports personalization and learner-led design in ways traditional systems just don't.

HEADRUSH empowers 'right-sized' remix and reuse of content, projects, and otherwise via the Warehouse.

HEADRUSH saves time by providing a variety of reports that can co-exist, avoiding the need to have two sets of books of what has been learned and what needs to be reported.

HEADRUSH works well with other content creations tools, such as Padlet, Phet simulations, FlipGrid, Desmos, Google apps, and many others.


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