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What is Hibob HRIS Software?

Hibob—or simply bob—is a distinctive and innovative people management platform that offers fast-growing companies powerful tools to creatively manage a modern workforce, increase productivity, and improve employee experience. Hibob’s offered solutions come in modules, which address the specific needs of human resources, from employee onboarding, attendance management, to time-off tracking, payroll reports, benefits management, and more.

While effective people management is a standard business practice, bob takes this to a different level with its culture module designed to keep employees engaged and motivated, which leaves a positive impact on performance and productivity. As a people-first management platform, bob recognizes the value of maintaining a positive work environment and workplace safety. Because of this, bob comes with a reporting feature that allows employees to anonymously call HR’s attention to any misconduct happening within the workplace.

When it comes to engagement, bob helps HR professionals establish a welcoming environment that nurtures inclusivity by creating clubs that encourage positive connections among employees with shared interests. Tedious and time-consuming paperwork is also eliminated with bob’s documents hub that helps organize, secure, and automate the process.

Overview of Hibob HRIS Software benefits

As a robust HR people management platform, bob brings the following benefits to the company:

Streamlined core HR processes. bob’s powerful automation features simplify the end-to-end process of approval cycles from the stage of document creation to ensuring that the approval process strictly follows a certain timeline to avoid delays.

Seamless onboarding. This benefits not only new hires but also the HR staff as bob allows for the creation of onboarding flows tailored according to the needs of new talents or employees or the entire workforce.

Accurate time and attendance tracking. bob uses one central hub for accurately monitoring attendance, employee hours, and time off. Data consolidation, approval, and reporting processes are also fully automated to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Smooth payroll processing. bob incorporates a fully automated three-step process of collecting payroll data, verifying data accuracy, and submitting a completed and accurate report to the payroll provider within the timeframe.

Hassle-free benefits monitoring. As a company grows, the number of employees and benefits grow as well, which can be taxing to monitor and manage. With bob, pending and active benefits are easily tracked and monitored. Customizing new benefits is also made possible.

Optimized collaboration and mobility. Native and API integrations with communication and collaboration applications and bob’s mobile application further enhance its capability to help HR and employees stay up to date with the latest events and announcements, engaged, and connected.


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