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Make Better Talent Decisions. Your goal is to build the best team. Our goal is to help you get there with multidimensional assessments, backed by science and delivered through our robust and user-friendly platform.

Who Uses This Software?

Whether you're an enterprise who needs to scale your assessment program, or you're a small business who has been burned for the last time by bad hires, we're here to help you build the best workforce.

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What is HireSelect?

HireSelect is a Software as a Service (SaaS) HR application that enables companies to administer state-of-the-art pre-employment tests to prospective employees quickly and cost-effectively, without the significant costs that come with hiring consulting services. HireSelect offers a vast selection of employment aptitude tests, employment personality tests, and basic skills tests. Theirs is a comprehensive test portfolio that consists of pre-employment tests designed by psychologists from Harvard University.

On top of employment aptitude tests, employment personality tests, and basic skills tests, HireSelect also provides subscribers real-time scoring, interactive candidate comparisons, and excellent data security, giving them maximum control over the test data. HireSelect is applicable to companies and businesses of all sizes and can be implemented in a wide range of industries. With this pre-employment service, companies have the capabilities to collect and analyze objective, job-related information on candidates in a very unique approach that is cost- and time effective. HireSelect effectively streamlines the hiring process without compromising the quality of the qualified candidates.

Overview of HireSelect benefits

The HireSelect platform accelerates the hiring process yet allows HR heads and managers to make smart hiring decisions, thanks to its vast selection of pre-employment tests and tools. The service allows subscribers to easily identify which pre-employment tests to administer for each job position and then schedule and administer tests in minutes. Once a job profile is selected, HireSelect helps businesses find a suitable testing battery that can be modified and conducted so candidates are evaluated for the right skills, knowledge, and abilities.

For companies and organizations that prefer to remotely conduct pre-employment tests, the web-based design of HireSelect provides the best solution. The system grants a central human resources department overall access over the web so it can oversee an entire organization’s testing process without the traditional expenditures for travel, accommodation, and allowance to name a few.

With HireSelect’s remote testing feature, companies no longer need to send their staff on location. All they have to do is set up a pre-employment screening test and embed links to that test on job posting websites. This functionality effectively filters pool of candidates as the results of the test are uploaded along with the applicant’s resume. This means the company can quickly determine candidates who possess the qualifications they are looking for and weed out those who do not meet the criteria.


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