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What is Hireyy?

Hireyy help Startups and SMEs in automating their hiring process by providing them quality candidates and resume using ATS technology. Our team is working hard to make hiring easy for companies. Hireyy is dedicated in making the hiring process fast and smooth. Hireyy helps college/universities peers in making their best ATS approved resume by it SEO Analyzing SEO keywords, for their best placements and off-campus jobs. Our experts manually make their resume more effective which they actually need. We as a hireyy always protect the privacy of our each candidate and employer. Whenever the employers registered with us we posts their jobs to mre than 14+ job boards on single click and show them results on place, and employer will get notifications on E-mail and messages whenever the candidate apply for their job

Overview of Hireyy benefits

For The Employers Registered With Us:

  1. Easy to post
  2. Post Your job on 15+ job boards in single click.
  3. Post job SEO friendly.
  4. Designed personal company profile SEO freindly.
  5. Instant messaging.
  6. Candidates alert.
  7. Easily managable dashboard.

For Candidates Registered with us:

  1. ATS Approved Resume.
  2. References in Tier1, Tier2 companies
  3. Regular Notifications on hiring.
  4. SEO Keyword rich resumes.
  5. Instant messaging to companies posting job with us.
  6. Shortlist their fav. employer for more future job notification.

Hireyy is the only portal in the world who designed our packages according to the startups, SME's and big Giants. We as a hireyy our ,motive is only: Hireyy re-imagine your job career not matter either you are College/university peer, fresher, or experienced or you are a Employer posting job. We try to give you all the best experience with us


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