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What is Hivebrite?

Hivebrite is an all-in-one online community platform used by organizations for establishing, handling, and engaging a vibrant network of campus or corporate alumni, professionals, or supporters. Users can adjust this modular platform based on the unique needs and characteristics of their own community, allowing them to have a branded community portal, add custom user profile fields, and choose the features they think are most important ones. 

The online community platform comes with powerful features that make the process of managing and interacting with community members easier. For instance, it enables users to apply search and targeting filters so they can send out the right messages or promotions to the right members. They are also given the ability to schedule and promote events, make different types of tickets,  enable online payment collection, and invite community members and external users to join events. 

Overview of Hivebrite benefits

Member Data Management

Hivebrite enables users to easily organize, handle, and update all important pieces of information about their online community members. For example, users can launch profile update campaigns so that community members can update their profiles without logging into Hivebite. They can also update member data in bulk as well as use filters to look for specific individuals or groups and communicate with them. 

Automated & Centralized Communications

The all-in-one online community platform automates and centralizes all communications with members. Users will be able to send out targeted emails, automated newsletters, in-app alerts, and push notification campaigns to online community members. These features are very useful for building a vibrant network in which everyone is kept updated and engaged. 

Manage Paid Events

Hivebrite is equipped with features that make it simple for users to plan and organize events that help them raise money for their community. The platform has a built-in calendar where they can intuitively create schedules for events. Moreover, they can create various types of tickets, let interested participants register and make payments online, and send out event invitations and reminders via email. If they want to promote their events on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, that is possible as well. 


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