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What is Homebase?

Homebase is a cost-efficient business platform that helps create viable employee schedules that are optimized to generate revenues by ensuring that all shifts are covered and every employee is paid accurately. The scalable software is the ideal scheduling and time tracking tool for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, gyms, spas, salons, and retail stores. More than 100,000 local businesses in the United States rely on Homebase to help them manage employee schedules, hire employees and accurately report on hours for payroll.

The platform integrates employee scheduling, time tracking, and payroll integration into one consolidated application. Enabling businesses to easily calculate hours, overtime and spot errors. The mobile app for employees gives them the ability to access their schedules, switch shifts and be notified of important updates.

Homebase integrates with numerous third-party apps like Toast, Clover, Square, ADP, and QuickBooks. Its pricing is not based on the number of employees but on the number of locations. A free version is available, but paid plans with more advanced features can be purchased for as low as $16/month.

Overview of Homebase benefits

Homebase offers an array of benefits to its users and here are the ones that we found notable:

Cost Efficient

Homebase brings homes the bacon when it comes to providing flexible price points to its users. Compared to other scheduling software, Homebase does not base its pricing on the number of employees but on the number of locations of your business. There is a free version of the software. But the pricing is extremely budget forward and even free users can enroll an unlimited number of employees in one location.

Easy to Use

Homebase simplifies the scheduling and time tracking processes, helping business owners and managers build schedules that are designed to bring in the most revenues while still being able to effectively manage (or reduce) absences. In addition, it eliminates errors in payroll calculation and prevents early clock-ins. Homebase integrates employee scheduling, time tracking, and hiring components into one unified system, making it is easy for companies and organizations to perform related tasks without having to exit the software and open up another application.


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