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What is HR Partner?

HR Partner is a user-friendly, modern, and cloud-based Human Resouce Information System (HRIS) developed for companies looking to expedite their time-intensive HR workflows. The software functions as a secure employee information storage hub where managers can place personnel records (name, contact information, position history, salary).

It is also an effective schedule management tool, enabling managers and employees to manage time off, vacation, and absences in a single location without the need for spreadsheets or paper files. Employees can apply for time off requests from any device and managers are made aware through notifications once the requests come in. HR Managers can also manage employee grievances, timesheets, and performance reviews.

Overview of HR Partner benefits

HR Partner is a very simple cloud-based human resource information system (HRIS) that streamlines essential HR processes, thus making things easier and more seamless for busy HR professionals as well as company employees. With HR Partner, users save significant amount of time by accelerating time-intensive HR-related workflows such as employee onboarding, performance reviews, leave and absence management, reports, timesheets, and employee grievances among others.

Need to store company documents and procedures? HR Partners lets you place all your important documents into a single location for easy access, thus eliminating the need to set up another system for document storage purposes as well as having to exit the software. This also takes out HR clutter and bottlenecks as all information you need are all in one place, resulting in better people empowerment.

HR Partner is cloud-based, which means there is no need for you to install a software on your servers. You and your employees can access the system using any device. Whether you need to retrieve specific employee information or generate a report, or you are an employee who want to submit a request for a few days vacation, HR Partners simplifies it all and more. You basically avoid costly and time-consuming processes that would hamper your overall efficiency and performance.


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