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What is HulerHub?

HulerHub is the world's best-looking, fully personalised employee experience platform. It helps your organisation take control of the appearance, feel, and interactions your people have while using your work technology - without the need to replace the underlying application, system, or software behind it.

The system pulls together all of your existing and future cloud-based software (regardless of application or vendor) into one visually engaging hub, with personalisation features at both organisation and user levels.

It helps you make the most of your work initiatives and investments by spotlighting them within audience-managed employee dashboards.

It also makes collaboration easier than ever as users can quickly organise and share content either internally with colleagues or externally with clients, customers, partners, and new hires.

HulerHub helps you shape people-first employee journeys that are engaging, frictionless, personalised, and relevant while enabling digital transformation and growth. Book a demo today to see what it can do for your organisation. 

Overview of HulerHub benefits

Take control of the appearance, feel, and interactions your people have while using your systems - without changing your current setup.

Personalisation: Fully personalisable with room for corporate branding alongside user controls to encourage higher engagement.

Intuitive UX: Looks and feels as familiar as the operating system on your smartphone.

Maximise ROI & Engagement: Make the most of your current and future tech investments by highlighting the right tools to the right people for maximum engagement.

Effortless Collaboration: Create personalised content collections and quickly share them with colleagues internally or outside your organisation with new starters, clients and customers.

Audience Management: Segment employees by different attributes to better spotlight the most relevant content and systems to the right people.

Vendor Agnostic: Pull any cloud-based software, deep-link, or collection into HulerHub, regardless of where it is stored or hosted.

Accessible: Secure access on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Data Driven: Get dynamic insights into the content and systems your people are using most inside HulerHub.


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