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What is Hypersay Events?

Your digital event. Global. Inclusive. Engaging.


The digital events platform built to manage large events with diverse specifications. Hypersay Events offers solutions for global events spanning different time zones and days, multiple streams, live translation in various languages, sign language, in-chat translations and the socially engaging Front Rows for guests. Your event, your way. 

Digital events rely on many inter-connected systems to work together well at scale. We have developed a end-to-end solution for hosting digital events with 50+ built-in features. However, we recognise that sometimes other custom tech setups are necessary: you can easily extend Hypersay Events by connecting with thousands of other solutions in 3 different ways:

- through Zapier you can connect Hypersay Events with apps such as Eventbrite, Google Spreadsheet or Shopify. See the Zapier page here.

- direct API that you can use to develop any custom integration, e.g. with your very own website or registration page. See API documentation here.

- we can even integrate Hypersay Events in your own custom environment, e.g. inside your app or website.

Overview of Hypersay Events benefits

  • Captioning
  • Streaming Studio
  • Automatic captioning
  • Chat with 😇 and @mentions
  • Hybrid events
  • Dedicated support
  • Floating and nominal tickets
  • Ghost sharing
  • Group Networking: the FrontRow
  • AI translations
  • Event Passes with Magic Links
  • Interpreters
  • Scalable architecture
  • Sign language
  • 1080p Streaming
  • RTMP Multi-cast
  • Post event content
  • Export data
  • Agenda
  • API & Zapier
  • OTP - Passwordless login
  • Soundscapes
  • Speaker profiles
  • Sponsors
  • Video recording
  • Animated scenes
  • 3rd party video
  • Calendar Invite
  • Multi-day events
  • Multi-stage support
  • Customise UI
  • Event status
  • 3rd party ticketing
  • Full Timezone support
  • Organiser Team
  • Polls
  • Registration page
  • RTMP in
  • Scheduled content
  • Searchable attendee list
  • Adaptive streaming
  • Custom event url
  • Dark and light themes
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Analytics
  • Lobby

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