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What is .ID Digital Signatures?

.ID is a web-based digital signature platform, which helps businesses across finance, IT, eCommerce, and various other sectors verify user identities in real-time and securely upload, store, and sign off files.

The application supports ASiC formatted signature containers, which allow users to compress and aggregate several originally signed and digital signature files within a single document. Individuals can sign certificates using fingerprints or pin code for audit purposes. Users can also invite team members to view or sign a document or collection of files, receive confirmation, and track the status of requests. .ID creates a combination of public and private keys, which lets authorities grant information access and provide signing consent.

The eIDAS-compliant solution validates users’ identities based on government-issued documents, helping organizations secure agreements or transactions, check signatories, and validate original documents. .ID also ensures the integrity of files after the signature becomes invalid and authorizes signs from the approver during onboarding. Other features include encryption, document sharing, authentication, and hash format creation.

Overview of .ID Digital Signatures benefits

Sign any document
.ID platform allows you to sign any type of documents or files. Use our web platform to prepare container with documents and files to be signed and digitally sign with .ID phone application.

Signing is easier than ever. Use your unique pin code or just your fingerprint. It's that easy!
Send files for signing
Invite anyone to sign or view your uploaded documents. There is no need to sign your documents separately. You can collect them all in one container for signing. Then, seal them all with one proper digital signature.

Now with Google add-on you can simply send your documents for signing from Google Docs.
Seal with confidence
Digital signatures with .ID are valid worldwide. With .ID you can be sure that your signed documents are actually sealed. This is because digital signatures done with .ID are based only on person's true identity. That identity is verified by person's government issued document.

All your signed documents can be downloaded using digital signature container format - ASICe.


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